One Year In New York

One Year In New York

I have changed a lot in the last year. Even a year ago, getting off the plane (the first thing we saw, before we even got out of the terminal at Laguardia, was Tom Hanks filming Scully) I would never have imagined I would be where I am. I just knew I was ready for a new challenge and this city has delivered.

My first year in a place with real seasons was amazing. Going through my first real winter and spring at 29 was incredible. You don’t know what you don’t you miss. I had watched too many news reports about “Snowmageddon” while sitting in my shorts in 95 degree heat. Winter did not disappoint. We went through the biggest blizzard in Central Park’s history (which matters to me because we only live a block from the park). I have been told that it was, on the whole, a mild winter. That makes me very nervous for this year. Spring though… The world comes to life! I am not a poet, so I won’t even try to describe it. I’m just grateful I got the opportunity to experience the full transition of all the seasons for myself. San Diego is wonderful and I look forward to moving back, but I will never regret moving away.

Professionally, I have faced many of my fears and I keep pushing myself to grow. I had a job within six weeks of getting here. It was exactly the kind of job I was hoping to find. It hasn’t always been easy. I questioned if I was up to the challenge at times, but I thank my lucky stars how well it has all turned out.

One Month in New York

One Month in New York
The view of Manhattan across the East River from Long Island City.

Things I Like About New York:

  • Jaywalking: My husband probably thinks I like jaywalking too much. He might be right. I love it when native New Yorkers are so busy trying to jaywalk that they don’t notice the light has changed and they have the right of way. If I get hit by a car or a bicyclist, now you know why.
  • The Number of Parks: This city has a park on almost every corner. It is so easy to find open green space here. In San Diego, the premise is that everyone has a lawn so everyone should have their own personal green space. As an apartment dweller without a balcony for 4+ years, I appreciate it when a city acknowledges that public green space is important for one’s sanity. I am very excited to live near Central Park.
  • The Subway: I haven’t driven since I got here. I wouldn’t want to. New York drivers are jerks. People tell me that I will grow to hate the subway but since that has yet to happen, I enjoy it immensely.
  • New Yorkers: If you aren’t an obnoxious tourist who stops in the middle of the side walk, New Yorkers are some of the nicest people. Seriously. The stereotypes are ridiculous.
  • Things I Dislike About New York:

  • The Cold: October was a strangely warm month for New York, but I still had never worn that many layers in October before.
  • The Lack of Decent Burritos: Pizza is great but I miss carne asada so much. When I see it on a menu here, I don’t even consider it. There is no way it could even compare to the perfect memory I have in my head.
  • There are some moments, walking along the water or through a park, when I absolutely love it here. I miss my family and the holidays will be tough, but I have no regret. Moving was one of the best things I have ever done. At the end of last month, my husband and I celebrated one year of marriage and five years together. Here’s to more years of adventures, but this time in New York!!!


    Times Square!

    I haven’t posted in a while, I know. I even forgot to update my payment information and this site was down for a little while. Oops! But I do have exciting news!

    I moved!!!

    I left the comforts of perpetual sun in San Diego and moved to New York City! No joke! I’ve been here for a little over two weeks already. I currently am staying in Long Island City, but plan on making the move to the Upper West Side in December.

    I have never lived outside of San Diego before so this is all so new to me. I’m a little homesick, but I’m trying to keep busy.

    The biggest difference so far? The lack of palm trees…

    Let’s Go Padres!


    My husband and I are big baseball fans. We are both San Diego natives, so thankfully we both root for the San Diego Padres. We have lived close enough to Petco Park that we have gone to over 13 games each of the last 3 years. We went out to Phoenix for Spring Training last month. We finally decided to go all in and bought a season ticket package after a note with my husband’s name on it was strategically taped to our seat last week. We had talked about season tickets for a few years, but this seemed like the season to do it.

    And then the Padres won 14-3 last night. I can’t wait for Friday.

    Psychic Clutter


    My husband broke his hand on Saturday. He’s going to be in a cast for a couple of months. Saturday evening was emotionally exhausting as we tried to figure out how we are going to deal with this (he is a software developer, so being one handed is a minor, temporary disability). Trapped inside by rain (so strange to us San Diegans), we both faced the claustrophobia inducing mess our apartment had become. On Sunday, we decided to clean.

    Dealing with our physical clutter helped us deal with our emotional uncertainty. There was so many mini-projects sitting out that they prevented us from feeling like we could be productive. It took only a couple of hours to put things away and find homes for items that just seemed to move around our apartment without ever finding a permanent place. I put up pictures from the wedding on our walls. We started handwriting our thank you cards (most of the wording we worked out on the computer before we put pen to paper). The box my new clutch came in made a perfect container for my husband to empty his pockets into each night. As our apartment returned to order, our stress levels dropped. The walls no longer felt like they were closing in around us.

    Keeping our space tidy is certainly is the biggest issue with living in a small apartment. As my grandma said, “If you only have 500 square feet, a tissue on the floor is a mess.”

    (image from Flickr)

    2014: In Review

    Let's Frolic Together


    Thus I haven’t posted anything in a while. I had my url linked up to the wedding website for months and only just remembered to change it.

    2014 was an incredible year. I learned a lot professionally. It was a big year with big ups and downs. I learned more about what I want to do with my life. My career is going in a direction I never would have thought but I’m still becoming the type of person I always wanted to be. Nothing is as I expected, and it’s wonderful.

    My husband and I often think about how blown away our younger selves would be if they were told where we would be now. All I can say is I am living the life I hoped I would be living when I was a teenager. I don’t know what I did to be this lucky.

    (all wedding photo credit goes to Let’s Frolic Together. Best wedding photographer in San Diego.)

    Chill More


    I just got back from an amazing vacation sailing in the Caribbean with my family. So relaxed but so ready to be home. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to see such beautiful coral reefs and so many fish! I swam with sea turtles and giant rays. I personally sailed the boat around an underwater volcano. My tan is ready for summer!

    Book Review: Yarn Harlot – Making knitting sound like a terrible hobby


    I am a terrible knitter. I don’t know why. There is something about the way I make a stitch that flips the stitch around. It results in a super tight wrapped stitch that just has zero give. I make very warm scarves. I tried to knit my god-daughter a blanket and failed miserably. I ended up getting her a nightlight for Christmas. I even bought some beautiful yarn from a local yarn shop for it. One day, that expensive locally dyed yarn will make a beautiful blanket. I might have to pay someone else to make that happen though.

    In an effort to get back into the feel of things, I picked up Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. And suddenly I think I may never knit again. To start her book of essays, Pearl-McPhee describes the freak out she had just writing the introduction. The introduction is a freak out about the introduction. The rest of the books seems to be essays about freaking out about knitting. I can’t finish it. I am having sympathy panic attacks from reading about her deadline missing and procrastination problems. How am I supposed to be motivated to knit my way through my admirably small stash by a woman who hoards yarn compulsively? She advises hiding yarn in sweater sleeves! I’m not even kidding! I actually wear my clothes and do not think they make useful storage spaces.

    Yarn Harlot, a book I’m glad I tried because now it can stop wasting space on my shelf.

    (image from Flickr)