Psychic Clutter


My husband broke his hand on Saturday. He’s going to be in a cast for a couple of months. Saturday evening was emotionally exhausting as we tried to figure out how we are going to deal with this (he is a software developer, so being one handed is a minor, temporary disability). Trapped inside by rain (so strange to us San Diegans), we both faced the claustrophobia inducing mess our apartment had become. On Sunday, we decided to clean.

Dealing with our physical clutter helped us deal with our emotional uncertainty. There was so many mini-projects sitting out that they prevented us from feeling like we could be productive. It took only a couple of hours to put things away and find homes for items that just seemed to move around our apartment without ever finding a permanent place. I put up pictures from the wedding on our walls. We started handwriting our thank you cards (most of the wording we worked out on the computer before we put pen to paper). The box my new clutch came in made a perfect container for my husband to empty his pockets into each night. As our apartment returned to order, our stress levels dropped. The walls no longer felt like they were closing in around us.

Keeping our space tidy is certainly is the biggest issue with living in a small apartment. As my grandma said, “If you only have 500 square feet, a tissue on the floor is a mess.”

(image from Flickr)