Night on NBC

I don’t have cable. I have been a cable cutter since before it was easy to do it legally. Currently, I get by with subscriptions to Hulu Plus and Netflix. I also have an antennae but because of where I live in San Diego I don’t get CBS or ABC. I watch a lot of NBC.

I am a huge Jimmy Fallon fan because he’s, well, hilarious. As I watch his show pretty regularly the day after on Hulu, the move to The Tonight Show slightly increases the odds that I will watch him live and greatly increases the odds that my fiance will see him at all. As huge fans of SNL under Seth Meyers, we are also very excited for him to take over Late Night. And then came this news:

Another hour of television I’m going to want to watch almost everyday. Just when I try to quit TV, it pulls me back in.

Pic of the Week: Bright and comfy

Couch pillows before and after

A quick change for my couch. I was at Ikea looking for a storage box when I came across some clearance pillow covers. I only grabbed three but they made a huge difference. I also got the rooster pillow while I was there, for some added “personality.” Our couch has been a sore spot for me since we moved in. We got this couch on Craigslist about a year ago. It is a million times more comfortable than our old one, but it was just boring to look at. I love color and a beige couch does not add much color to a room. Now, it fits right in.

At some point, you have to just start

Balloon Girl

I thought I was at a turning point before. I thought things were changing. They were. But not at all in the way I thought. Not at all.

My name is Tori Altona and I am an intermittent blogger. I’ve grown up a lot since my last personal blog. I stopped writing for a while but at some point, if you want to write again, you have to just start. I typically have gone through the process of starting a blog, or posted once to a long forgotten one, on a momentous occasion like a birthday or a new year. Today is neither. Today is just a starting point.

I have some ideas for themes for daily posting. I know that daily posting is an ambitious goal and possibly more than I can actually tackle right now. I’m willing to give myself some leeway if you are. I also know that this is a launch post and practically nobody will read it. If you have read all of this, congratulations. You get a different balloon.

(image from Flickr)