One Month in New York

One Month in New York
The view of Manhattan across the East River from Long Island City.

Things I Like About New York:

  • Jaywalking: My husband probably thinks I like jaywalking too much. He might be right. I love it when native New Yorkers are so busy trying to jaywalk that they don’t notice the light has changed and they have the right of way. If I get hit by a car or a bicyclist, now you know why.
  • The Number of Parks: This city has a park on almost every corner. It is so easy to find open green space here. In San Diego, the premise is that everyone has a lawn so everyone should have their own personal green space. As an apartment dweller without a balcony for 4+ years, I appreciate it when a city acknowledges that public green space is important for one’s sanity. I am very excited to live near Central Park.
  • The Subway: I haven’t driven since I got here. I wouldn’t want to. New York drivers are jerks. People tell me that I will grow to hate the subway but since that has yet to happen, I enjoy it immensely.
  • New Yorkers: If you aren’t an obnoxious tourist who stops in the middle of the side walk, New Yorkers are some of the nicest people. Seriously. The stereotypes are ridiculous.
  • Things I Dislike About New York:

  • The Cold: October was a strangely warm month for New York, but I still had never worn that many layers in October before.
  • The Lack of Decent Burritos: Pizza is great but I miss carne asada so much. When I see it on a menu here, I don’t even consider it. There is no way it could even compare to the perfect memory I have in my head.
  • There are some moments, walking along the water or through a park, when I absolutely love it here. I miss my family and the holidays will be tough, but I have no regret. Moving was one of the best things I have ever done. At the end of last month, my husband and I celebrated one year of marriage and five years together. Here’s to more years of adventures, but this time in New York!!!

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    I just got back from an amazing vacation sailing in the Caribbean with my family. So relaxed but so ready to be home. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to see such beautiful coral reefs and so many fish! I swam with sea turtles and giant rays. I personally sailed the boat around an underwater volcano. My tan is ready for summer!