One Month in New York

One Month in New York
The view of Manhattan across the East River from Long Island City.

Things I Like About New York:

  • Jaywalking: My husband probably thinks I like jaywalking too much. He might be right. I love it when native New Yorkers are so busy trying to jaywalk that they don’t notice the light has changed and they have the right of way. If I get hit by a car or a bicyclist, now you know why.
  • The Number of Parks: This city has a park on almost every corner. It is so easy to find open green space here. In San Diego, the premise is that everyone has a lawn so everyone should have their own personal green space. As an apartment dweller without a balcony for 4+ years, I appreciate it when a city acknowledges that public green space is important for one’s sanity. I am very excited to live near Central Park.
  • The Subway: I haven’t driven since I got here. I wouldn’t want to. New York drivers are jerks. People tell me that I will grow to hate the subway but since that has yet to happen, I enjoy it immensely.
  • New Yorkers: If you aren’t an obnoxious tourist who stops in the middle of the side walk, New Yorkers are some of the nicest people. Seriously. The stereotypes are ridiculous.
  • Things I Dislike About New York:

  • The Cold: October was a strangely warm month for New York, but I still had never worn that many layers in October before.
  • The Lack of Decent Burritos: Pizza is great but I miss carne asada so much. When I see it on a menu here, I don’t even consider it. There is no way it could even compare to the perfect memory I have in my head.
  • There are some moments, walking along the water or through a park, when I absolutely love it here. I miss my family and the holidays will be tough, but I have no regret. Moving was one of the best things I have ever done. At the end of last month, my husband and I celebrated one year of marriage and five years together. Here’s to more years of adventures, but this time in New York!!!

    At some point, you have to just start

    Balloon Girl

    I thought I was at a turning point before. I thought things were changing. They were. But not at all in the way I thought. Not at all.

    My name is Tori Altona and I am an intermittent blogger. I’ve grown up a lot since my last personal blog. I stopped writing for a while but at some point, if you want to write again, you have to just start. I typically have gone through the process of starting a blog, or posted once to a long forgotten one, on a momentous occasion like a birthday or a new year. Today is neither. Today is just a starting point.

    I have some ideas for themes for daily posting. I know that daily posting is an ambitious goal and possibly more than I can actually tackle right now. I’m willing to give myself some leeway if you are. I also know that this is a launch post and practically nobody will read it. If you have read all of this, congratulations. You get a different balloon.

    (image from Flickr)